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Dec 7th - Divided Head

I am trying to understand my head. Not an easy task at all. My head is divided into many parts, my rational side, my creative side, my Chilean side and my American side. But this categories of the brain do not work in a consistent or chronological way, they fire up when ever they want and I can't control them. Sometimes I try to follow my heart for the important stuff, but my heart is even more divided, between been independent and single and wishing to have a family of my own.
Those two don't work together either.

But I have realize that life does not happen in order either, there are constantly surprised in my life that make change directions. People influence me, maybe a little to much. I love people as much as I love my solitude, it is strange but everything needs contrast.
Otherwise life will taste like an unsalted egg, good but not great.

I want my life to be great, I want to be in risk, I want to love, fail and success without regrets. I don't want to double questions self I just want to do things, without caring about what the rest think of me, but I find that hard, since I am a conservative girl, with a catholic background, raise in Chile, who moved to the US to study and still haven't by a ticket back home.

I still dream about living in the woods.
With a charming prince who loves me so much that gets me wild flowers every day and I prepare him amazing meals. (this is obviously a dream under construction, since I am an awful cook)

I guess that is the dream from one side of my heart the other could not care less about the prince and wants to be an international artist, constantly traveling and adventuring in the tribes of the world.

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