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Dec 7th, 2011

Nothing is more important than to find your voice.
This is not just to be original it is about been able to have confidence in you artistic choices, in you instinct as an artist and individual.
I believe that every person has a unique personality, set of experiences and dreams,
for that reason, h@r own voice.
This voice is always in evolution.
Part of finding that voice is to have the flexibility of transforming with it, without fears,
but with a sense curiosity and of adventure.
I am trying to be not who I wish to be, but who I am in the present.
Otherwise I will never be.

To be a woman
To be 29 years old
To be single
To be independent
To be an artist
To be a child
To be sexy
To be insecure
To be tender
To be giving
To be honest
To be fearless
To be a failure
To be a success
To be young
To be old
To be thin
To be fat
To be happy
To be anxious
To be sad
To be a human being.

All those things are constantly changing. I am all of those, I am comfortable with the person I am. I want to keep evolving.
Live my life at the fullest.

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