all images Copyright 2011 © Andrea Lira


there is a door that i want to open
there is a window that i want to jump from
there is a book that has been laying to me
there is a story that becomes real
there is a witch in my room
there is a little girl hiding behind a rock
there is a lake with blue water
there is a line of trees that talk
there is a flower that eats fingers
there is cloud that carries me
there is woman inside the child
a child inside me.
there is a mirror that shows me a lie
there is reality and their is fiction
there are my dreams and my life
my life is a dream
there are tinny chairs, they are there for my 7 friends
they are there for me.
do you understand?
i want to be lost in that forest, i want to eat
all the candy I want and never grow up.

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